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By B.L. Olson

Heart Pranked

Romantic Comedy

My only goal this weekend is to ensure my sister’s wedding stays on track. As if keeping my family in line isn’t enough to turn me into an alcoholic, the best man has decided I’m too rigid and argues that I’m using my job as a crutch to avoid love. Now he has pulled me into his chaotic world, and devised pranks to prove to me he’s right.

At first, I fail to see how such childish antics will help me escape myself, but I quickly realize there might just be a method to his madness and Ethan Wiley may just pull off his biggest prank yet.

The one that wins my heart.

B.L. Olson

Author B.L. Olson, or Brit for those she is not in trouble with, is a self-proclaimed hot mess who survives off of a steady stream of coffee and pizza. She resides in the PNW where she balances writing, reading, and psych courses.

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Nobody just decides to be a hot mess. I think somewhere along the way it just became who I was and I gracefully accepted the role…I feel so utterly stuck. Unwanted by anyone I could ever see myself with and alone despite having two “roommates” who constantly hover and meddle in my life.There are definitely repercussions for not pushing myself to be who I want to be. When I met my new next-door neighbor Wyatt, I didn’t think he would be the one to constantly challenge me. Tear me open and put me back together again in an entirely different way. The one who is dealing with his own repercussions as well…

Salty Pirate

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Janet Evanovich Watch out! There’s a new kid on the block and she’s out to pass you by.

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Salty Pirate

Contemporary Romance

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